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Staff from St Blaise Town Council attended THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF ACCIDENTS (ROSPA) Play Safety training. Whilst on this training it was advised by ROSPA with evidence from the National Poison Centre that daffodils should not be planted near to play equipment due the poisonous nature of the plant. The council discussed this and the decision was made in line with the guidance to not plant anymore daffodils in play parks near play equipment. St Blaise Town Council have NOT cut down any daffodils. We would like to make it clear that we WILL STILL BE PLANTING DAFFODILS within the town as well as other flowers, on verges, in the boats etc. We are and continue to investigate ways of planting flowers in and around all play parks that will enhance the areas for those who use them.

Welcome to St Blaise Town Council

St Blaise is a small town situated in the valley of kilhallon, a very attractive parish with a close community and with a lot of local history.

We are a group of dedicated councillors that are here to provide a service second to none to our community and tourists alike. We have ten Councillors providing a variation of services to the public. If you have any concerns or queries we would be happy to speak with you. To see what duties our officers perform and their contact details please see our Councillors page for details.

St Blaise is the home of the Eden Project and St Blaise has been more recognized by tourists as a pleasant and ever more thriving community with a town as welcoming as they come!


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